October 1999

Hello Friend,

Chris, Trevor and Mike here from Arrogant Worms Central. The time has come for another delightfully informative newsletter. It's been a while since we've written but you'll see that we've been really busy trying to conquer the world. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin....

DIRT! The New Album

The time has finally come. Our brand new album DIRT! is ready to be consumed by the record-buying public. It should be in finer Canadian record stores right now. We know it's been delayed but we hope that you enjoy the final product. We are very very proud of this album and we think that the extra time will be justified. And now, a brief history of DIRT!

This, our sixth album was recorded at Studio 29 in Cambellford, Ontario in May and June of this year. The album was engineered and produced by the Fifth Beatle and Fourth Worm, Andy Thompson. Andy also assembled The Arrogant Worms All-Star Band for our recording to make it rock. Many many thanks to the following musicians for a most memorable recording experience: Stephen Fearing, Terry Tufts and Jon Park-Wheeler on guitars, Don Reed on fiddle, Andrew Affleck on bass and accordian, Craig Bignell on drums, percussion and banjo, Al Cross on drums, Andy Thompson on keyboards and sampler and Mike's dad handled a bass vocal. It was such a treat to work with these professionals. Everyone of them had great suggestions and we greatly value their input on this album.

Since we were on the road for much of July and August, the mixing of the album was a bit delicate. Andy mixed it and then sent copies of it to us wherever we were on the road, and then we'd ask for some changes and send it back. We got quite fussy and Andy deserves props for putting up with our finnickiness.

September was mastering and pressing the first run of 10,000 CDs and now it's ready for you. Our four month odyssey of music and mayhem has ended and now the new odyssey begins. Deep, huh?

Our Canadian friends should be able to fine DIRT! (AW999) in the large chain stores across the country like HMV, Tower and A&B Sound. It is once again distributed by Festival Distribution from Vancouver and your local record store will know how to order it and hopefully order many copies of it. If you cannot find it anywhere and your record store will not order it, you can call Festival at 1-800-633-8282 to order it over the phone. The purchasing links at www.arrogant-worms.com can also help if you'd rather order online with a credit card.

Our American friends can also order online through festival or at www.folkweb.com which a company in Boston. Festival can also process telephone orders at the above phone number.

If you live outside North America, chances are the toll-free number will not work. You can call Festival directly at 1- (604) 253-2622 or order online by following the purchasing links at our website. That's a lot of information. Enough about that.

What Else We've Been Up To

Since we haven't written since January, we've got some ground to cover. We'll try to be brief. Our run at Second City's Tim Sims Playhouse in Toronto was a great success. The second and third weeks were practically sold out. Thank to everyone who came and brought friends. We did a few American shows in Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota in the spring and really enjoyed passing on our Canadian charm to our new American friends. We had a rather triumphant return to Ottawa in April for two fun shows at a big church. The sound was great especially on I Am Cow. We made our way down to Florida again for a great week at the Orlando Fringe Festival and the Tampa Performing Arts Center. Once again, our run in Tampa coincided with the High School Thespian Festival and once again, we had a ball.

June was a month of highlights as well. We did a show at The Mounted Animal Nature Trail. It was a rainy affair but 80 diehard supporter huddled under the shelter with us for an acoustic show. Thanks to Terry and Rita Gordon for putting that show together. The Trail rocks. We were also lucky enough to be asked to play at the Red Barn for the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament for Literacy. It was a thrill to share the stage with Jann Arden, Red Green, Jim Cuddy and many more people much more famous than us. We also got to meet Mr. Dressup. Chris nearly wet his pants with excitement. The following day, Chris got to be a little political and testify in support of the CBC at the CRTC hearings in Hull, Quebec. It was a long overnight drive but well worth the effort.

July started in grand style as we descended on Parliament Hill for Canada Day. We had a fun set in the afternoon at Major's Hill Park and then we warmed up the audience of more than 100,000 for the big televised show. As soon as we were done, the sky opened up and a huge storm hit, forcing the show to end. So, we closed Canada Day on Parliament Hill. That's going in the press kit for sure. We hopped in the van that night and drove to Canso, Nova Scotia for a great time at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. It was there we met Urban Carmichael, the funniest man alive. Our comedy workshop with Urban was the most fun we've ever had anywhere ever in the history of the world.

July turned to August for us at the Vancouver Comedy Festival where we performed the DIRT! show as well as some outdoor shows. Always fun to be had there. We played the Heritage River Music Festival in Burk's Falls, Ontario and it marked the moment when the Worms went electric. Also appearing at the festival was Terry Tufts who played electric guitar on the album. We were able to convince super bass player David Woodhead to join us onstage and we all rocked out for a few songs. The following weekend it was off to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for Musikfest. This was our first U.S. festival and we couldn't have been happier with the response. The crowd was large and enthusiastic and the reaction convinced the owners of a local club to have us return to Bethlehem in the new year if not before.

We made a return to Summerfolk in Owen Sound this year in the form of a surprise appearance by European supergroup Subject to Change. We came in disguise and sang a commercial for next year's festival. The audience got wise to us pretty quickly but we were able to keep the secret for a whole year and that's a long time for us. Our summer officially ended at The Grand Canyon playing at a wedding. About a year ago, DC-area Worm supporters Michelle and Michael contacted us and asked if we'd like to play at their wedding at the Grand Canyon. We were flattered and naturally could not pass up a chance like this. It was the highlight in a career of highlights for us. The wedding ceremony took place on the south rim of the canyon and was for lack of a better word, majestic. It is the best backdrop we will ever get as performers and we thank Michelle and Michael very much for the chance to share their day with them. We are hoping to post some photos on the website in the coming weeks of this memorable event. To make the experience even more memorable, we stayed a few days in Las Vegas as well, which is beyond description. Showgirls, buffets, lights, gambling and showgirls again.

So all in all, it has been quite a time for us since we last wrote. This last year or so has certainly been the best in our career so far. We think that it's important to tell you that we are still having so much fun doing this. All of you have been supportive and we can't thank you enough for sustaining us. It has been a great ride so far and we're happy that you've come along with us. We hope there is more good stuff in the future and we'd love to have you share that with us too. And speaking of sharing...

The DIRT! Tour

The first leg of the mighty tour begins October 14th with a free show at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The second leg begins in Toronto with CD release shows at The Arts and Letters Club on October 27th and 28th. We will tour for the month of November in Western Canada. No Eastern dates are planned for right now but be assured, we'd love to go East so please bother your local promoters to book us. All of the tourdates are online at www.arrogant-worms.com Just click on 'tourdates' for all the details on all the shows. A couple of dates may still be added so check in often for changes to the schedule.

In addition to all of those dates, we'll also appear on television and radio to promote the album and the tour. On October 25th we're on Open Mike With Mike Bullard on the Comedy Network and CTV (www.open-mike.com). Tune in or get tickets for the show and get yourself on TV.

In Conclusion

So that wraps up our presentation. We hope everyone learned something valuable here today. We apologize for the lack of charts and graphs but Mike's dog ate them. Thanks for reading our latest rambling. Enjoy DIRT!, and hopefully we'll see you soon out on the road.

Worm Wishes for a DIRTY autumn,

Chris, Trevor, Mike
Arrogant Worms