The Arrogant Worms are a musical comedy trio from Canada. Unlike many others in their genre, the Worms perform all-original material. On their albums, they draw from a wide variety of musical styles (rock, country, swing, gospel, etc.), but they never parody specific songs. When performing live, they usually have just three vocals, an acoustic guitar, and an occasional electric bass. The result is more of a folk sound. Regardless of the music style, though, their lyrics are always hysterical and their comedic timing is amazing!

The Worms have released thirteen albums so far. They are difficult to find in Canadian stores and impossible to find in U.S. stores. Your best bet is to order the CDs on-line. For more information about The Arrogant Worms and for links to the on-line retailers, visit their official web site at

My name is Jeff Whitlock, and I've been a die-hard Worms fan since 1998. In these pages, I have documented my concert experiences, and I have tried to pull together some other interesting stuff.